Sunday, 21 September 2014

Blogger Integration

I may have a way to stream content to blogspot without using that readful API (giving google eternal licence to syndicate my content without attribution) or insecure emails. It may actually save this blog, which to my surprise is still getting traffic.
Well, I wrote this on RA blogs.
Let's see if it works...

Sunday, 31 August 2014

So long, blogspot and thanks for all the fish. (The blog is moving to a new home...)

As previously mentioned, I find blogger's new interface unuseable. This blog is now at

which contains my thoughts on aircraft, science, science fiction, all the 2013 and 2014 content and more. I did try porting content from there to here but Google's One account system makes it impossible without compromising account security, so very sadly I am moving on. Thank you for following me here and all the reads, and I hope the new blog holds your interest. See you there!

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

In memory

April 14th

Second World War veteran, mechanic, aviation buff, pilot, computer whizz, gardener, painter, and much more.

Dearly beloved.

Rest in Peace.

Monday, 2 April 2012

Taking a break

I've got a few new projects on: an ebook directory, a new site, and the seashore game migrating to a database (if I can find a reliable database dev).

Which is when real life delivered a few body blows, in the form of a very ill (and dearly loved) relative. I may not be blogging for a while. Projects may be delayed. Sorry.

Friday, 30 March 2012

Life under SOPA

In summary: someone claimed copyright over one of my holiday snaps on Zazzle. I just found out the hard way that there is no way to contest a copyright claim with Zazzle, despite owning the original image.

I was going to write a long rant, but frankly the above speaks for itself.

Anyone supporting SOPA or ACTA should consider carefully what it means for the web. Images, Videos, Articles, Ebooks, even your holiday snaps can be claimed by third parties. And you have no right of appeal.

Given this I've reacted as most content creators will: I've pulled the rest of my aircraft and dinosaur content off Zazzle - even the model shots, which I set-up, snapped and photoshopped - simply because there is no way to defend against this type of claim. The cat photos are still there, but I own the cats as well as the images, so if Zazzle accept an unproved copyright claim the issue of model releases comes up, which means I have every right legally to find out who claimed to own them.

Sadly there won't be any more Vulcan images, since the model I used to pose them was donated to the Vulcan to the Skies charity at the Salute wargames convention where we sponsored them.

The other implication is for the games I was working on. Since a digital watermark and base psd files are apparently not proof, it is going to be nearly impossible to prove ownership of photoshop-created images. This severely affects merchandising, one of the major revenue streams for free games. Since there is one game where this is a major feature, we may need to re-think how that one works.

On the other hand I've got two more sites going live soon, one being a repurpose of the original SmashingReads ebook directory software we wrote. By the way, for anyone who is interested in running an ebook directory, this software is easily customised/tweaked, so let me know.

The other one? Lets just say it's my version of a very targeted social network.